We live in a wonderful part of the world which offers a powerful reminder to the open minded that this world has been beautifully made by God. The marks made by human beings down the years have not always been in keeping with his loving generosity. But we believe that God still loves the world and offers us hope ... that includes you!

God's offer is, as it has long been, in Jesus. Coming among us as a vulnerable child, born at Bethlehem, he was the world's best example of living out a life of truth and love. It led him, horribly treated by his enemies, to death on a cross. He didn't seek to evade it. He took it on and, conquering it, offers new life to all who would open themselves up to his living presence. Simply put, we can be forgiven and find resources to lead a life steeped in his goodness. We still fall down but the God who loves us dusts us off and sets us on our feet ... again and again ...

Need some good news in your life? Come and join us or any of the churches in Weymouth and Portland. Together we serve God in words of truth and in deeds of love.

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