St Aldhelm's World Cafe

Did you start life in another country?
Have you had to struggle to learn English?
Does the UK sometimes feel a bit odd to you (even if you have been here for years!)?

Why not come to the World Cafe at St Aldhelm's Church (DT3 5EW)? We're open on Thursday mornings during term time, 9.30am-12 noon, incorporated into Open for coffee.

There are free hot drinks and cake, and pre-school children are welcome to come with you. You can be yourself, and nobody worries if you struggle to cope with English. Most importantly, there's friendship and a listening ear. Come to practise your English, or just come for a break, to chat with others who have been there too.

It might be held in a Christian church, but the World Cafe is designed to care for people of all faiths and none.

Just turn up, email or text Jane (07960617471) to find out more.