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Everything that is done must be undergirded by prayer – seeking God’s way forward and not ours, seeking His will in everything we do and plan. There are many different opportunities for us to meet together for prayer, as small groups, as a fellowship and as a Team:-

Fellowship Prayer Link:  Using a rota system, groups of 2/3/4 people meet together fortnightly in their homes to talk and pray.

Homegroups:  Groups meet each week in different homes for fellowship, Bible study and prayer.  One of the joys is to be able to support each other in prayer and pray together concerning wider issues. 

Together in Prayer:  On the first Thursday of each month at  St. John’s all the homegroups meet to pray together.  Occasionally we will meet instead, on a first Wednesday of the month, at the Park Church. We tend to have a theme for the evening to base our prayers on, which really helps us to focus our praying for particular areas.  Don’t miss out by not coming! 

Tuesday Prayer:  We meet for prayer from 2 - 3pm at St. John’s Church in one of the small rooms.  Again, a lovely time of fellowship with each other and with our heavenly Father.  All are welcome.

St John's and the Park Church
The Parish of Radipole and Melcombe Regis, Weymouth, Dorset - St Aldhelm's, St Ann's, St John's, Park, Emmanuel and St Mary's Churches