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The Team 
Emmanuel is run by the District Church Council (DCC), whose members are elected by the congregation. Each person has a job or area of responsibility.


Team Vicar

Donna Smith Donna Smith
Licensed Lay Minister
Jill Miller

Jill Miller
Church Warden

Anne Crabbe

Anne Crabbe
Church Warden

Julia Moore Julia Moore
DCC Secretary
Brian Piper Brian Piper
Lynne Phillips Lynne Phillips
Deanery Synod Rep
Rod Pullen Rod Pullen  
Andy Roper Andy Roper
Norman White Norman White  
Sue Thomson Sue Thompson Bev Haggett Bev Haggett  


Emmanuel Church
The Parish of Radipole and Melcombe Regis, Weymouth, Dorset - St Aldhelm's, St Ann's, St John's, Park, Emmanuel and St Mary's Churches