What we do at Emmanuel Church

Home groups

During the week homegroups meet between Tuesday through until Thursday at a variety of times and venues. It is a valuable way of growing together in our Christian walk and fellowship. It’s a time to study God’s word in a relaxed manner. Often the study coincides with the sermon series. People also get to know one another, learning from each persons experiences. There are also many times of fun where each group has their own social activities (outings and meals etc.)

Pastoral Care Team

Formerly known as Lay Pastors. This new team is being reviewed so that pastoral care within the Church meets the needs of the Church. There is an Emergency Prayer time from 8 am to 9pm where prayer request can be circulated to people on the prayer chain which is treated in the strictest confidence.

Worship Group

We are fortunate at Emmanuel to have many talented musicians and singers. Instruments include, clavinova, guitar, drums, recorder, flute to name but a few. All age groups play, both young and the older generation. The group meet regularly for rehearsals and the occasional social.