Emmanuel Sunday Club

Sunday Club meets during the 9am service at Emmanuel Church. A variety of material and activities are used to engage the young people in a fun and practical way. We meet most weeks to spend time together, to share how our week as been and to think about the topic that is the focus for that week's services. There is a small group, usually 2-6, ranging from 7 to 14 years old, but sometimes we have younger children too. It's always nice to have visiting families join us too. We always start by sharing our 'highs and lows' which gives all the children a chance to be part of our community and shows we all care about each other. We'll then read the Bible story for the day, talk about this and how it is relevant to our lives and carry out a craft activity related to it. We are a happy group, who know that God loves each one of us, and as leaders we believe that it is important to provide a space for the children of our church.